See What Sets Us Apart

establish a local business

Our focus is for franchise owners to be able to establish a local business, serving a specific need in their community of service and trades business owners who need and want outsourced marketing consulting.

work-life balance

Operate your marketing consulting business Monday to Friday during normal business hours – we have created the ultimate in work-life balance for our franchise owners – we offer flexibility to be your own boss. Work hard, play hard.

Help local businesses

Help local businesses create their brand, develop loyal customers, drive new lead generation and be structured for success.


You have flexibility to provide as little or as much as your clients need - complete campaigns or specific services.

An Established Process

Franchise owners who join our brand will be able to take advantage of the process we have developed and put into practice thousands of times since 2006.

Benefits For Veterans

Our brand offers start up benefits for veterans who join RedKnight.

Meet Our Team

Today, our franchise owners are able to take advantage of our years of experience, knowledge and success stories with hundreds of clients.  Franchise owners focus on their local clients, developing their marketing plans and establishing the project timelines for deliverables all with our back-office support.  

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